The Marketing Dating Trap-What Is It-Learn More About the Marketing Dating Trap (Avoid It Now)

1.       WHAT IS IT

In the marketing trap you believe that you need to make yourself more appealing and “sell” yourself with an attractive packaging or presentation. The bottom line and the sad thing here is you have told yourself that you cannot be yourself. The risk: disappointment, anger and relationship failure.


Diane talks about the Marketing Trap.  I could write a book on the time I have spent in this trap! I probably could have won saleswoman of the year award! 

 Here are a few examples of the things I did to make myself more appealing. 

  •    I was overly agreeable.
  •    I rarely expressed an opinion. My line was “I don’t care, or “That’s OK.”
  •    I wanted to always appear nice so never expressed anger or disappointment.
  •    I was overly helpful.

  Maybe you show more cleavage, leg, or muscle than normal. If it’s for marketing – beware!   Maybe you pretend you have more or less money than you do, maybe you say yes when you really mean no.  If you are doing this and more; you are in the Marketing Trap.

           Let’s face it we are human and we want to love and be loved.   Just don’t be false. The results are devastating. 

  •       When the “sizzle” starts to settle into reality one of you is left disappointed and angry. 
  •       Exhaustion sets in. Being fake is a waste of energy and bad for our health.
  •        It’s unfair not to be honest-more hearts are at risk of being hurt.


            Getting out of the marketing trap is a two word answer: BE AUTHENTIC. 

            Be yourself, no faking, no lying.

            Face and deal with any fears you have around being authentic.  The basis for any love is self love. 

 Be Authentic! No more Marketing!



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