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One Tip for Intimacy (In Today’s Busy World)

Have your mornings lost their passion and connection? Do you find yourself rushing out of bed and out the door having barely spoken to your partner? Or are you so exhausted from your day that you fall asleep before hugging, kissing or connecting with your partner? We and many couples we talk to have lives that are so busy and hectic, that they barely stop, to look at each other and connect.

One day I went to our bookshelf and there was the “The Tao of Sexology” by Dr. Stephen T. Chang. I was reminded about the Morning and Evening Prayer. It’s a way to connect in busy times. Lewis and I like it for that very reason. We don’t do it every day and sometimes a week or two will go by but we are happy when we do take the time for this practice.

In a nutshell, a couple lays together naked for about 5 minutes with lips locked. The man does penetrate the woman and you breathe together. There is an energetic flow that feels good. This technique is simple, intimate and best of all can be tailored to your time frame.

Good Luck !

Tantric Kissing – Part 2

Create variety in the five types of kisses by using male-female, shiva-shakti, yang-yin techniques such as firm vs light, deep vs shallow, fast vs slow.  Take turns giving the kiss and then receiving the kiss.  Relax your lips, jaw and face.  Remember to continue to breath to allow the sensations to flow throughout your body.

Romantic Relationships-How many dates before having sex?

A new on-line dating site called meetcha.com did a survey of over 400 adults singles.  They found that  53 percent of respondents like to move slowly and want to get to know someone before sex, reporting that five to 10 dates is appropriate.  The same percentage –53 percent —  responded that if their date suggested sex on the first date that would be their last date with this person.  By the way, 69 percent of respondents wished that they were having more sex; none wished they were having less sex.  What’s your vote?