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Want valuable dating information that you can put into action right away? You know there’s lots of information out there, but who has time to sifted through it to decide what to read and make the time to read lengthy books or listen to long podcasts? Problem solved. Each month for six months, you will receive at least four things to help you on your way to finding the love of your life.

First, you will receive a book summary of an important dating and relationship book. We distill the main ideas for you—kind of like the Cliff Notes some people used in high school.

Second, you will receive a short video of Lewis interviewing a dating /relationship expert, prodding them to give you the essence of their dating wisdom. Popcorn not included.

Third, you will receive a short report from Lewis on a different dating topic each month. While Lewis doesn’t deny that theory has its place, he is more interested in giving you action points. Maybe you have notice that it is an action that brings results, not sitting around discussing theories.

Finally, you will receive an Ask the Coach question and answer. These are questions other people in your shoes wanted answered. You may have the same question now or maybe in the near future.



ONE Payment of $97

Monthly, 6 Payments of $17



(Release Date: July 1, 2017)