Dating Advice-Avoid The Fairy Tale Trap-(Date Consciously)


What Is It

The fairy tale trap is when you expect your ideal partner to magically appear without any effort on your part. And then you believe that you both will live happily ever after. A person in this trap is saying—“if I am meant to meet someone, they will just appear.”

What We See In Our Practice

Although we were not caught in this trap, we encounter people caught in this dating trap in our coaching practice. Frequently it shows up couched in New Age terminology such as “everything is in divine order.” Even people who believe that everything is in divine order take action to improve their life, such as exercising, eating properly and improving their educational skills. We are not advocating stressing out or straining, we are merely recommending taking steps in the direction of your desire to change yoiur dating destiny and have love.

How To Get Out Of The Fairy Tale Trap

Take personal responsibility for what you want in your life and relationship. Become proactive instead of sitting back in La La Land. Think about what steps you can take to increase your chances of meeting someone–and then take those steps. Change some of your habits to mix things up a bit. For example, go to a different coffee shop at a different time. This piece of advice will definitely get you out of the Fairy Tale trap—your thoughts lead to action, action leads to achievement and achievement leads to fulfillment and happier dating.

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Diane and Lewis


2 thoughts on “Dating Advice-Avoid The Fairy Tale Trap-(Date Consciously)

  1. Could it be that one of those new agers has found your website. Exercising, eating properly, and education are things one does to improve one’s self and is not for the purpose of interacting with others. I believe that if we do as Joseph Campbell advises and follow one’s bliss, then a mate will show up. He could be the person who stops when you have a flat tire or run out of gas.

    The trick is to become a happy person without the NEED for another to complete them. Then, and only then, can they have a healthy relationship with another person.

    1. We couldn’t agree more with the “trick to become a happy person without the NEED for another to complete them.” This is precisely what our Conscious Dating Self Discovery and Readiness does. Singles complete our course knowing that they are the chooser and creator of their life and dating experience. They are clear on who they are, what they want and where they are going. Then the Law of Attraction can really work! It’s just awesome!

      Thanks for connecting and sharing Lynn.

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